I will point towards practices connected to media art that differs from the institutional fine art curriculum.


Internet and networks are tools, theme, context and arena for different art practices.

Internet also influences art that does not directly connect to the Internet.

network activities

  • collecting and exchanging information
  • corresponding
  • cooperation, collaboration
  • open source movement -GNU-manifest
network tools
  • mailinglists
  • collaborative virtual spaces
  • physical meetings (!): conferences, workshops


Informal networks of artists, theorists, writers and activists emerged in the beginning and middle of the 1990s. Net.art was related to and presented in these surroundings, online and at physical meetings.

1994-98 is considered a heroic net.art golden age, the work was often about Internet and Internet phenomena. A critical approach to social and political consequences of the Information Age was inherent in most of the works from this period. Activism, media criticism and net.art were paralel or sometimes intertwined activities.

During the 1997 "Hybrid Media Lounge" at Documenta, the established art scene was made aware of these acitivities

The first works are based on text. The internet was very limited in the capabilities of software and browsers, as well as generally low in capacity.

Some examples:

Jenny Holzer: (Adaweb)

Please Change Beliefs
Heath Bunting: (Irational.org) _readme.html

Jenny Holzer had already etablished a core practice, disseminating her truisms through different media from posters, via advertising boards to marble benches. Internet represented a widened possibility of interacting with an audience.

Heath Buntings "Own be owned or remain invisible" comments on certain Internet characteristics connected to questions of freedom and visibilty.

Eva Grubinger enters the discussion of interactivity in a humorus and energetic way, quite typical of its time (1995)
Eva Grubinger (The Thing Vienna)Netzbikini
Another interst in the artistic potential of the net is demonstrated in works that includes sEn annen interesse for nettet vises i arbeider som både kan ses som rent formale eksempler på hva man kan gjøre med en nettleser, men som også gir et ubehag og en ettertanke i forhold til hva vi tar som et selvfølgelig grensesnitt
jodi (jodi.org) binhex
The commercial optimism prevalent in the dot.com world was interesting ( and intriguing) material to many artists.
Daniel Andujar (Technologies to the People) The Street Access Machine
Alexei Shulgin: (easylife.org) FuckUFuckMe

Natalie Bookchin just about sums up important traits of this era in her syllabus for 'Introduction to Computing in the Arts' (VA40) course at the University of California, San Diego, Visual Arts Department in 1997.

To challenge the concept of art, or more specifically its institutions, was implied in early net.art activity. No endorsement from established institutions was needed to publish or disseminate these works. The position of the artist was seemingly changed.

New social structures of evaluating power emerges -also on the Internet. Traditional institutions have a hard time following suit, but are not often equipped to be active participants.

Probably the art institutions we need to develop internet related art are not here yet. Debates are flourishing inside and outside the institutions.

Informal international networks with frequent meetings and activities are still the most important context for development, dissemination and critical discussion of net based art.

Introduction to net. art (Shulgin/Bookchin)

net.art is dead, but netart -art on the internet has just started

networks and new practices are still being developed

new interest ?

Lev Manovich started a discussion on the mailing list nettime (se link) by posting a paper on what he calls the Flash-generation.

Another tendency can be seen in the interest in software art, a logical continuation of former net.art.



Katrina Neiburga and Peteris Kimelis, presented at Ambient TV T-shroom, using globalised media to pinpoint the local.
Software art repository at : runme.org
Acoustic Space Lab Real space development utilising historical left-overs...

Development of different and new media initiatives continues, the main aims might be changing towards research, contextualisation and education. ( FI: M-cult, NO:pnek, SE: electrohype, reformulating CRAC?)

Activism is focused more on globalism and indymedia through Attac and similar.

Contacting african. asian and Latin- American artists and cultural organisations.



Channels http://channels.mur.at/
Sarai http://www.sarai.net/
Ctheory http://www.ctheory.net/
Rhizome http://rhizome.org
The Thing

http://www.thing.at Wien

http://www.thing.org Berlin

http://www.thing.net New York

nettime http://www.nettime.org/
spectre http://post.openoffice.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/spectre
nice http://nice.x-i.net
e-kunst http://kunst.no/e-kunst/
lossless video http://www.videokasbah.net/lossless.html
unxposed http://www.unxposed.com/
Danish Video Data Bank http://www.videoart.suite.dk/videofestivals/index.htm
microsound http://www.microsound.org/
xchange http://xchange.re-lab.net
norwegian resources
kunstnett http://www.kunst.no
pnek http://www.pnek.
Atelier Nord http://www.anart.no
BEK http://www.bek.no
TEKS http://www.teks.no
notam http://www.notam02.no/


Subbau -galleri, nettverksorganisasjon http://www.subbau.org/
Through increased capacity, development of new software and the arisal of a new generation with a different perspective on the Internet as an artistic and communicative channel, new forms and possibilities emerge. Video, animation and live streaming of video as well as sound.
Needweb Flash "consumer club" Needweb
Superchannel-webTV http://www.superchannel.org
Tate Modern webcast http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/programmes/webcasting


online texts

Beyond Interface. Museums and the Web by Steve Dietz and others
Human, all too Posthuman? Net Art and its Critics
by Josephine Berry
Site-specifity in net.art by Inke Arns
Danish Culture Net essayforum
Nettkunstforum (Norwegian archive)
GNU manifesto