BAR CANDELA Y YEMAYA I was part of the opening event of the exhibition Equatorial Rythms at Stenersen Museum where we also showed the video Burned Music in the exhibition. "Equatorial Rythms" was curated by the director of Stenersen Museum, Selene Wendt and produced in collaboration with "Du store verden"

The Stenersen Museum

Information and downloadable catalogue: Du store verden

The Bar Candela and Yemaya I celebrated with rumba performed and improvised by Cubans in Norway with participation from the audience in the Stenersen Café. Rumba is a traditional music form of drumming, chanting and dancing closely connected to Afro-Cuban religion and ritual. Some of the chanting is in African language.

Here is a short video documenting the rumba performance:

"The Rumba I Bring" 4:05

In this third issue of Bar Candela we wanted to share the space and time with the newly reopened Bar Yemaya in Madrid through Internet communication. "Make it hot in Havana, tell me in Madrid".

Bar Yemaya is well known to many Cubans visitors or immigrants to Spain. It has been a cultural home and a meeting place in Madrid. To new arrivals in Spain it has been a friendly environment of good advice and sometimes even meals and a bed. The owner Pilar Zumel had to close down Yemaya for personal reasons for about two years, before she was able to relocate and open again in the autumn of 2007.

We followed the process from she first saw the new space in August 2007 until the new Bar Yemaya and the space set up for cultural events were opened in September and October and until it Yemaya hosted a concert by Kelvis Ochoa, who also participated in Bar Candela y los dos lados

See the video about the relation between Bar Yemaya and Bar Candela here:

"Make it hot in Havana, tell me in Madrid"

The bar is named Yemaya after the Afro-Cuban Orisha, a representation of deity brought to the Americas from African Yoruba religion. Yemaya in Cuban Santeria is connected to the sea and protects motherhood and children. She wears the color blue.

Yemaya representation in Bar Yemaya

Bar Candela in Café Stenersen at the opening of Equatorial Rythms

Felix, Jorge, Luison with Nasra.

Atanaï transmitted from Yemaya

Atanaï in Yemaya