Manuscript "You ask too much"

You* ask* too much.

You never* listen* to what I'm saying.

You make me go*insane*.

I *can't* believe you just said that.

I wish you would listen to *me* for once.

You can't just *say* that kind of thing.

I *knew* that was what you were going to say.

I don't want to *listen* to this.

This is*too* much.

I've *heard* all this before.

I'm so *tired* of having to listen to this.

You don't have to tell me *that* again.

This is *not* what I need now.

I don't understand how you can *say* things like that.

Don't give me *that* kind of crap.

You are*wrong* if you think I'll just accept that.

That's how *you* think it is.

Don't *say* things like that all the time.

You *always* try to put me down.

You miss the point *entirely*.

(Words within ** are emphasized.)