Kristin Bergaust

Mossesvei 29

1450 Nesoddtangen

mobil +4799693513

e-mail: kristin at


Statens Kunstakademi , Oslo


Cand Mag. University of Oslo






Retouching RAM Galleri, Oslo 2013
FQ-opening projection Hilmarfestivalen, Steinkjer 2012
Empire Supermarket, Kulturhuset Stockholm 2012

Empire and Recruits

Galleri 69, Oslo 2011

Three versions and a reparation

Refugiet Bornholm Danmark  2009

Coded Campaigns

Galleri 69, Oslo 2008

Bar Candela y Los Dos Lados

Article Biennial, Sting Stavanger 2006

Bar Candela y su Rumba Colora

Sound of Mu, Oslo 2006

TrŅndelag senter for samtidskunst

Trondheim 2005

Galeria Galliano

Havana, Cuba 2004


Oslo 2002

Sandnes Kunstforening

Sandnes 2000

RAM galleri

Oslo 1999

Unge Kunstneres Samfund

Oslo 1996

Hedmark Kunstnersenter

Hamar 1995

Wasserwerk Goethe Institut

Oslo 1991

Wasserwerk Galerie A&O

Berlin 1990



The Right to the City Galleri IKM, Oslo Museum 2013
PARADOKS. Posisjoner innen norsk videokunst 1980–2010 Nasjonalmuseet Oslo 2013

Retrospektiv. Film film- og videokunst i Norge, 1960-90

Stenersenmuseet Oslo 2011


Pixelache Festival Helsinki 2010

Ojos y Paciencia

Centro Cultural Hispano Americas, Havana Cuba 2009

Equatorial Rythms

Stenersenmuseet, Oslo 2007

Evolucion Estipulada

Havana, Cuba 2006

Director’s Lounge

Berlin, Germany 2006

Navigating Globalization

Trondheim, Norway ,2005

Director’s Lounge

Berlin, Germany 2005


Trondheim, Norway ,2003


Trondheim, Norway ,2003

ACCESSible team, Nordic Liveart

Göteborg, Sweden  2003

“The Gun Ladies”

ROOM, Rotterdam 2002

“The Sixth Element”

Latvian Center for Contemporary Art

Riga, Latvia 2002

Lek, lĢr köpGyllene Tider

Enkehuset, SOC og Galleri ID

Stockholm 2002

NIC 2001                                                                                                                                        

Copenhagen,Denmark 2001

"Electrohype 2000"                                               

Malmö, Sweden 2000


Göteborg, Sweden 2000


Malmö Konsthall, Sweden 2000


Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen a.o. 1999-2000


Ram galleri, Oslo 1999


Svinesund  Norwegian/Swedish Border1999

Kunst i fellesrommet”, MOMENTUM1998

Moss 1998

"Fellessentralen" Kunstnernes Hus

Oslo 1998

“Den andre kunstenUKS

Oslo 1998


Oslo 1995,1997 and 2000

Ny Generation

Stockholm, Sweden 1996

One Night Stand

Kunstnernes Hus 1995

Art Attack

Oslo 1994

Prosjekt i Gamlebyen

Oslo 1994

Junge Deutsche Kunst ,Technical Museum

Praha, Check Republic 1993


Kassel, Germany 1993

TurbulenzenTechnische UniversitĢt

Berlin, Germany 1992

ART-MEDIA, University of Salerno

Salerno, Italy1992

Unicum Tecnologico

Milano, Italy 1991


Arnhem, Holland 1991 and 1987


National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture

Arts Council Norway
Hedmark Fylkeskommune


Ulrik Hendriksens minnestipend


Statens reise- og studiestipend


Statens treĆrige arbeidsstipend


Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

1990, 1994,1995,1996, 2000 og 2003

Oslo By Kulturstipend




Artists in the City: (2010-2013) Artistic and academic research in a case study on artists` role in gentrification processes in Brooklyn, New York. Collaboration with Oddrun Sĺther and Venke Aure

Kitchen Garden 2010: With Alexis Parra. Development of Organic Herb Garden for the Theatre Boat MS Innvik.

Renewable Energy Network 2010 travels and presentations  in Latvia, Georgia and Armenia. Organized by RIXC, Latvia

Evolucion Estipulada

Workshop in Havana, Cuba December 2005/January 2006. Organization and production.

Navigating Globalization  2005

Chair and organizer of session and exhibition on “Artistic expression in a globalized world”

Mobile Outskirts  2004 Idea and organization of workshop in KabelvĆg, Lofoten in June. Presentations in Riga and Trondheim in October. Co-organized with TEKS in Trondheim

Participation in the EC-project “Transcultural mapping” 2004. Cooperation between artists from six countries: France, Finland, Latvia, Iceland, Slovenia and Norway

Accessible team  Open workshop in Göteborg museum with audience and artists working on web-projects.

Living-room  2001-2003 Idea, initiative and participation. Three interdisciplinary workshops in three cities creating interconnected environments.

G.U.N. (Gallery without name)

1994-2001 Artists initiative in Oslo, artists’ space and collaborative

group. Participation and responsibility for a number of exhibitions, seminars and projects.

The art of hospitality -Idea, programming and coordination of seminar.

Seminar and exhibition at NOASS, Riga on international exchange and networks. Latvia 2001

Oslo Presence 2000  

Initiative, program and organization. Seminar and workshop presenting 20 international media artists and their projects. Followed by a ten day workshop starting development of the database for the NICE network

CD-ROM "01-Norsk kunstrom" 1995-1997 Art CD-ROM for 20 artists. Concept, and production of the project with Kenneth K. LangĆs. Production period 1995 -1997 when the CD-ROM was released as the first art-ROM in Norway. Presented at Zoo Lounge,Oslo and Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Citygalleriet (The City Gallery) 1998 Non-permanent art in public spaces in Oslo on the 6th of January 1998. Ten Norwegian and ten Swedish artists created work in the center of Oslo Concept, managment and participation in collaboration with Stefan Karlsson, SubBau, G.U.N and Konstakuten, Stockholm, Sweden.

Konspirator 1997—a series of discussions about the self-organized art-scene. Artworks based on the documentation of discussions were installed in each of the spaces G.U.N. Oslo, Subbau Göteborg and UKS, Oslo.


Bergaust, Kristin. The Making of FQ, or How to Pick up Pellets of Information in the Clouds of Fantasy. InFormation Nordic Journal of Art and Research Vol 2, Nr 2 (2013)

Sæter, Oddrun Kristine; Aure, Venke; Bergaust, Kristin.
Retten til byen. En studie av byutviklingsprosesser i New York og Oslo. The Right to the City. A Study of Urban Development Processes in New York and Oslo. Oslo: Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus 2013 ;Volum 2013.225 s. HiOA rapport(9)

Sæter, Oddrun; Aure, Venke; Bergaust, Kristin.
Artists and Gentrification in Specific Urban Contexts. A Case Study from Wiliamsburg, New York. The International Journal of the Arts in Society 2012 ;Volum 6.(6) s. 67-82

Aure, Venke; Bergaust, Kristin; Sæter, Oddrun.
Bar Candela: Contemporary Art on the Move, in Place and Discourse. The International Journal of the Arts in Society 2009 ;Volum 4.(4) s. 283-296

Ahmed, Salah Uddin; Mahmud, Abdullah Ali; Bergaust,Kristin, .
Aesthetics in Human Computer Interaction: Views and Reviews. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009 ;Volum 5610. s. 559-568

Trifonova, Anna; Jaccheri, Letizia; Bergaust, Kristin.
Sæter, Oddrun; Aure, Venke; Bergaust, Kristin.
Artists and Gentrification in Specific Urban Contexts. A Case Study from Wiliamsburg, New York. The International Journal of the Arts in Society 2012 ;Volum 6.(6) s. 67-82
HIOA nt. J. of Arts and Technology (IJART)
2008 ;Volum 1.(1) Suppl. Inderscience s. 43-65


CANDELA! Cuban side-tracks video-program for Directors Lounge in Berlin 2006

"Tales of the expected-true stories" touring video-program in North-Norway 1999

"Castor Fiber" exhibition for UKS Young artists association Oslo 1997

"Video videre" Norwegian video  Fellessentralen, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo 1998

"Lovetech-light" Norwegian female artists video-program Mørketidsutstillingen Tromsø 1997

"Lovetech" Nordic female artists video-program for Screens Trondheim 1997

"Norsk Experimentalvideo" Berlin 1992





Initiated and participated in establishing a Norwegian network for production of electronically based art. (PNEK) on the basis of  "SkjŅnnheten og utstyret" a working report from a group initiated by the Norwegian Arts Council. I was a member of this group as well.

In PNEK I was the projectleader in the preliminary period, but quit to start work at KIT. From 2002 I became a member of the board as a representative of the Arts Council of Norway until the project period finished June 2005

TEKS Member of the board 2001-2004  Board member during the project period 2000-2004 Youth project funded by the Arts Council in

NICE (Network Interface for Cultural Exchange) Founding member of this network of participants from small media initiatives from Europe, Latin-America and Asia. Focused on collaborative projects, reciprocal support and cultural strategies. Practical focus. Initiative and participation from 1998

Participation in European Cultural Backbone (network of media culture aimed at EC

MADE (Media Art Distribution and Exchange) Organization of seminar media art distribution, archiving and preservation



Professor of Applied Aesthetics, Department of Art, Design and Drama, Oslo University College

Since 2008

Elected vice-dean, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art


until September 2006

Professor of Visual Art and head of Intermedia

KIT, Trondheim  Academy  of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Associate Professor of Visual Art and head of Intermedia

KIT, Trondheim  Academy  of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Director Atelier Nord media-lab for artists


Projectleader “Post-education for artists”

 Norwegian Artists’ Union and Arts Council Norway


Teaching at Strykejernet pre-school, periodically, part-time and full time



Member of the Steering Committee of Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme


Member of the Advisory Board for Art and Technology, Arts Council Norway